Cloud Integration

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Cloud Integration

Integrating systems togetherFile, database and cloud icons through data or application interfaces is a common practice that has been in play for many years. Historically, this integration occurred on premise with two disparate systems communicating through an interface residing within a single enterprise network. The introduction of cloud-based solutions complicated the integration landscape as many systems now reside outside of the standard enterprise. Communicating from on premise applications to cloud applications or from cloud to cloud applications brought new challenges with security and resiliency. Cloud-based integration platforms attempt to resolve some of these challenges with built-in tools and system connectors to speed up solution delivery times. Cloud integration platform service (iPaaS) solutions can be a very effective option to solve your cloud integration needs.

Cloud Integration Platform Services (iPaaS)

Cloud integration platforms are relatively new to the technology landscape and many have actually morphed from more traditional on premise integration platforms. Examples of this include Informatica and Mulesoft which started as middleware and ETL solutions but have transformed to cloud integration platforms. Examples of cloud native platforms are Dell Boomi which was designed specifically for an iPaaS model, and Microsoft Azure which is a much broader cloud solution environment with the Azure Logic Apps component designed to support cloud integrations. Most Cloud integration platforms include out of the box adapters or connectors designed for specific applications such as SAP or Salesforce and offer plug and play connectivity to systems. The Cloud integration platform will handle security and authentication and the application connectors perform the communication and notifications.

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Cloud Integration Considerations

A sound architecture design is paramount in any environment with disparate systems, multiple system locations and communication and data sharing needs across the organization. Cloud integration platforms offer significant value with application connectors and low code development, but there are several considerations to evaluate before deciding on an iPaaS solution. For cloud to cloud integration needs, iPaaS tends to be a very straightforward and effective choice but evaluating solutions for on premise integration can be a bit more complicated. Security, resiliency and latency are all factors to be evaluated with a hybrid integration model. 球探体育比分网 can help your team navigate the challenges of selecting, designing and implementing a cloud integration solution to meet for your unique organizational needs.

The Provato Difference

球探体育比分网 is both a Dell Boomi and Microsoft Azure Gold Certified Cloud Platform partner and has extensive experience in on premise and cloud integration. We have the team and the experience to help your organization design an integration solution that meets your needs of today and scales to your needs of tomorrow.