Application Modernization Services

Application modernization of legacy apps into cloud solutions to extend their usable life

Application Modernization

Application ModernizationOften, organizations operate with antiquated and unsupported legacy applications. Cloud solutions like offer many options to stabilize legacy applications. Our team will guide you through app modernization strategies and select the solution that best meets your needs.

Database Migration

Sometimes the best first step to the cloud simply involves migrating an application database.聽 This can be achieved by leveraging a virtual machine or a robust database service, such as Azure SQL, that can relieve the burden of managing hardware and database management tasks as well as provide as stable home for your valuable data.聽 Ultimately, having your legacy database residing in a secure and maintained cloud environment can buy the necessary time to develop a full-scale strategy for modernizing one or more of your applications.

Re-host or Lift and Shift

Re-hosting is often the entry point for many businesses into the cloud. This option is often used when servers or operating systems are failing or out of support. Moving a solution to the cloud with no code changes required is the best-case scenario. It eliminates new equipment costs and provides a stable new home for the solution. This can also be a good first step to a larger application modernization plan.

Application Modernization: Refactor

Refactoring is like the lift and shift scenario, but a bit more complex with required solution modifications. This may be where an application will not run on newer operating systems and requires some level of modernization. Rarely is this large scale functional changes, but small solution updates are common. This could be simple code updates to ensure it functions on the latest development platform.

Application Modernization: Re-Architect

When your legacy solution requires material changes, re-architecting may be the best alternative. This option involves altering code to leverage efficiencies and capabilities of the new platform. This could include splitting the application into layers or even moving to a service-based model.

Native Solutions

Ideally, all solutions are cloud native rather than migrated from another environment. Cloud native applications maximize resilience and abstraction from infrastructure dependencies. The cloud platform鈥檚 automated infrastructure provisioning also simplifies capacity planning and scalability. Additionally, the microservices cloud architecture simplifies application updates and supports independent development teams. The consumption-based model also allows applications to be shut off when not in use.

The Provato Difference

The cloud solutions that we deliver are designed to meet the needs of your business. You may need to simply extend the life of a legacy solution or you may need a new cloud native application. Our team can do it all and will ensure that the solution fits your business need.