Cloud Services

We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to support all of your business needs in helping navigate your journey to the cloud

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Cloud Strategy

Most successful journey鈥檚 start with a solid plan built from a well-defined strategy. As your organization begins its journey to the cloud, the Provato Group Cloud Services team can leverage a wealth of experience to help you build out a strategic plan that is tailored to your specific needs of today and will to scale to your needs of the future.
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Infrastructure Cloud Services (IaaS)

One of the most basic cloud usage models is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). This could be as simple as replacing a physical server with a cloud hosted virtual machine or leveraging cloud storage to replace a data repository. Whatever the need, the Provato Cloud Services team is well versed and ready to support your cloud initiative and ensure that you get the most effective solution to meet your needs.
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Application Modernization Services

Supporting business critical legacy applications are a challenge for many IT organizations. Without a plan for modernization, legacy systems can become a huge burden and risk, particularly if they start to fail. The cloud offers many options to solve legacy application challenges and having a partner like the Provato Group to help guide you to the best solution can be invaluable for your organization.
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Cloud Integration

Leveraging cloud integration platforms (iPaaS) to solve system integration needs via pre-built connectors and adapters can save significant time in building out solutions. 球探体育比分网 Cloud Services team can not only help you select a cloud integration platform that best meets your needs, but we can also help you implement the solution to streamline your integration needs.
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The implementation of a DevOps process can bring significant efficiency to your software development and operations teams but requires significant cultural changes to be truly implemented effectively. Having a partner like the Provato Group to help you navigate potential pitfalls can go a long way in ensuring that your processes are implemented as quickly and efficiently as possible.
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