Professional Website Design Services For Industrial & Manufacturing Companies

Your industrial or manufacturing website’s design is the cornerstone of your digital marketing efforts. A professionally designed, custom-built website will help you get in front of buyers, engineers, and MROs to convert more website visitors into B2B customers and drive measurable results.

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Website Design Styling Standards For Manufacturing Companies Has Changed

Forget one-size-fits-all generic templates. Our web designs build custom industrial and manufacturing websites with styles that range from modern, minimalist, classic, creative, to bold and interactive.

Only a few years ago it would be common for a manufacturing website design to feature only a few pages with pictures of the machines they use or have built, the factory floor, and a phone number for customers to call and request a quote. In today鈥檚 competitive online marketing environment, your site visitors expect more from your web design.

Your customers are going to be making judgments about the credibility and trustworthiness of your company based on their first impressions of your web design. Qualities like eye-catching imagery, responsive & user-friendly design, and digital marketing calls-to-action that make it easy for your customers to reach you now matter more than ever.

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Manufacturing Website Design Services That We Deliver With Every Project

Each web development project includes at least the following:

seo icon

Search Engine Optimization

We are search-first web developers, prioritizing search engine optimization with every build. Having a great manufacturing website is more than just the images and colors, but also how easily it is understood and ranked by search engines so that your customers can easily find you online.

lead generation icon

Lead Generation Optimized

Once potential customers get to your website, the next thing you have to do is capture leads. For the best customer satisfaction, we often recommend using live quote request forms. These forms help reduce the time you need to spend gathering information and shrink the window needed for you to get your solution into your customer’s hands.

digital marketing icon

Digital Marketing Ready

Digital marketing can mean a lot of different things for manufacturing companies, but at its root, it all comes back to having a user-centered web design that acts as a force multiplier for all other marketing efforts. As your web designer, we make sure that your site is ready to convert site visitors no matter where they come from be it SEO, Google Ads, LinkedIn, or other traffic sources.

custom design icon

Custom Website Design

The best manufacturing websites have a design that matches their identity, values, and unique position in the market. Your entire website is the basis of your digital marketing platform, so the design elements used have to present your company鈥檚 offerings, services, and manufacturing operations in a way that communicates first-in-class quality and integrity.

b2b icon

Focused On B2B Customers

A B2B website design needs to offer information in a way that helps your company be seen as a world leader and stable partner. This is where the generic manufacturing website design examples and templates often fall short. You need a web designer that understands both your business and the B2B professionals you serve.

conversion optimization icon

Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization for manufacturing websites focuses on turning casual visitors into submitted leads. Our web designers focus on user experience, calls to action, user interface design, and customer journeys with the intention of generating more leads and more sales for your manufacturing business.

website redesign icon

Professional Website Redesign

Our web designers can work with your existing website to bring it up to date, and modernize it to turn more potential customers into warm leads. In some cases that may only mean redressing the existing website design so that it matches your customers expectations. Often we will completely redesign your website from the ground up to give you a truly polished, professional presence online focused on delivering measurable results.

website maintenance icon

Website Maintenance

We are more than just a web design company. We also offer website maintenance services for existing sites that include fast and secure hosting, care plans, content updates, security, fixing broken links, and more. These services will keep your website up-to-date, running smoothly, and help ensure that your customers have a great experience with your brand online.

content creation icon

Content Creation

One of the biggest struggles for a manufacturing companies can be figuring out what to say on their website. Great content is a key component to having a well designed website. Some web design companies avoid content creation, but as a digital agency we understand what a challenge that can be for our clients. We can help you along the way so that your website design works in unison with relevant keywords to drive sales.

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Our Previous Work Speaks For Itself

Here are just a few website design examples of work we’ve previously done for industrial and manufacturing companies, and why so many manufacturers trust our company to create their websites.

GEDUSA Manufacturer Web Design Work Displaying The Homepage

GEDUSA - A Window Manufacturing Website Design & eCommerce Solution

GEDUSA is one of our manufacturing website designs that required a skillful blending of multiple solutions.

They have a great website that utilizes a custom WordPress web design to drive their digital marketing efforts through the use of high-quality images for their products, information about trade shows they are attending, and training services their company offers for their business customers. Like most manufacturing companies, they needed a nopCommerce eCommerce web design and implementation to facilitate their quote generation, ordering, and fulfillment processes.

Millwood Manufacturing Web Design Work Displaying The Homepage

Millwood - A Pallet Manufacturing Website Design & eCommerce Solution

Millwood Incorporated is a great example of a custom web design that was matched with Millwood Direct, their custom eCommerce web design.

Like most of your manufacturing and industrial clients, they had a variety of complex and unique challenges that required a holistic design and development approach to solve. A generous amount of white space was used on the home page and throughout this manufacturing website, making content and products easy to find.

Betco, An Industrial Web Design Client, Homepage Showing Their Website Design

Betco - Industrial Company Website Design for Commercial Cleaning Supplies

Industrial websites will almost always have unique needs that many B2C web designers struggle with.

Betco needed a bold, industrial website design that offered their site visitors the perfect blend of information and easy-to-find products, a challenge that many industrial companies face when tackling a web design project. Their homepage was built to drive engagement by prominently featuring navigation to products as the first thing visitors see.

Arc Drilling's manufacturing website design built with a custom WordPress theme

Arc Drilling Inc. - Fast Hole, Wire, and Sinker EDM Wire Manufacturing Website Design

Arc Drilling is one of our manufacturing websites that uses a custom WordPress theme with a focus on lead generation.

Because Arc Drilling offers a unique service in the manufacturing industry, it was important that their site clearly and concisely communicated its services to a website visitor. Their homepage was built to feature their main service offerings, with the right balance of simplicity and utility carried throughout the rest of their website.

Plotz Machine Website With Clean, High Quality, Industrial Specific Homepage

Plotz Machine & Force Company Manufacturing Web Design

Plotz Machine and Forge Company has been a long-time client of ours and needed a new website that spoke to their unique position in the industry.

Plotz Machine manufactures custom replacement parts so unlike many manufacturing websites, they didn’t have specific product lines and services to feature on their new website. Instead, their website focused on their company history and industry expertise.

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CIO, Betco Corporation

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Manufacturing Website Redesign Case Study

Accurate Steel

Accurate Steel is a metal distributor and manufacturing company that came to us with an older web design and needed a clean home page design, utilizing plenty of white space, and featuring video as well as high-quality images of their staff and products. Their business had grow dramatically since their last website was built and didn’t accurately reflect who they were as a company anymore.

Our web design and marketing teams got to work, iterating the design and development of their new site quickly and with room for additional features still to come.

We built a custom WordPress theme for their manufacturing business, as well as custom-designed and developed Gutenberg blocks to fill out the content areas. Lead generation was a large focus on this site, featuring multiple conversion points as well as a prominent contact page.


Steel Manufacturing



Design Goals:

Improve user experience with a refreshed design. Increase the number of leads generated through the website.

Design Process:

Research the metal manufacturing industry, and perform competitive analysis. Present iterations of the design in Adobe XD, later building the final client-approved web design.

Design Elements:

Video hero section to showcase the people and products of the company. Use strong typography and bold colors that align with their industry. Focus on easy to find "Request A Quote" & contact forms throughout the website design.

Team Collaboration:

Weekly meetings via Microsoft Teams, regular calls and touch points with the client during the design phase, and again after the final approved design was constructed.

Project Start

ac steel homepage web design before the case study started

Project Finish

the services page design of AC Steel after the web design case study concluded the request a quote page design of AC Steel after the web design case study concluded

The Manufacturing Website Design Features Your Business Needs

A great web design for a manufacturing company needs to both look great, and offer the features required to drive bottom line results.

analytics and reporting icon

Analytics and Reporting

No professional manufacturing website design project would be complete without some form of analytics and reporting built in. We can help you setup Google Analytics 4 or another analytics platform of your choosing so you know exactly what is happening on your website.

responsive design

User-Friendly, Responsive Design

Your customers need to be able to use your website no matter what device they are using. Having a mobile-friendly website builds user trust. Structuring the information on your site around your customer’s needs helps your customers quickly and intuitively get the information they need or contact you to learn more.

ecommerce icon

eCommerce Design

Many manufacturing web design projects will include some form of eCommerce component. Not all manufacturing or industrial companies sell products directly on their website, but instead use these pages to provide detailed product information and initiate communication with their sales team.

landing page icon

Custom Landing Pages

Custom landings page design is a key factor for most manufacturing websites. The landing pages need to communicate your brand identity, in a style and language that is all your own, while focusing on converting website visitors into customers.

custom development icon

Custom Development

Some manufacturing companies need custom developed solutions to help them achieve their ideal business outcome. Being more than just a web design company, we can also develop completely custom applications for your business.

user experience icon

User Experience Design

Ensuring that your potential customers have a great experience on your website is often overlooked as an assumption, but we take nothing for granted. Our web designers will thoughtfully consider how users interact with your site while making their design recommendations.

Our Experience

We鈥檝e been building websites, developing applications, and executing web design projects for over a decade, and our staff has well over a century of total combined experience. We work with manufacturing companies of all sizes, from small business to corporate. We will meet you wherever you are at in your business journey.

We Work With Every Industry

  • Automotive
  • Transportation
  • Consumer Goods
  • Electronics
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Paper
  • Printing & Publishing
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Furniture & Fixtures
  • Building Materials
  • Fashion & Apparel
  • Sporting Goods
  • Toys
  • Household Goods
  • OEM
  • Craft
  • Textile
  • Wood & Lumber
  • Fabrication
  • Metal
  • Leather
  • Non-metallic Mineral
  • Food & Beverage
  • Petroleum, Coal, & Oil
  • Medical Equipment
  • Tobacco

Manufacturing Web Design Challenges We Solve

  • Increasing Website Traffic With SEO Aware Design Principles
  • Generating More Leads & Sales From That Increased Website Traffic
  • Creating Easy To Use Navigation No Matter How Large The Site Is
  • Positioning The Website As The Cornerstone Of Your Marketing Efforts
  • Leveraging Your Website As The Jumping Off Point For Additional Remarketing & Ad Targeting
  • Integrating ERP Systems & Other Business Critical Assets Into Your Website
  • Beyond Web Design, We Also Build Custom Developed Business Software Solutions For Manufacturing Companies

The Technology & Tools We Use

Your website needs a content management system that is easy to use, works for you 24 hours a day to collect new leads, turning visitors into customers, and leaves potential clients with a positive impression of your business.

WordPress design and development icon

WordPress Content Management System

WordPress is one of the two content management systems we often use. It is the largest, most widely used website content management system available today. It will make updating or adding new content to your website easy. Even better, when you host your website on our purpose-built platform, you鈥檒l get industry-leading performance & security as well.

managed hosting icon

Managed WordPress Hosting

If your manufacturing company utilizes WordPress as your CMS, our fully managed hosting environment will ensure you benefit from effortless site management, performance, and security. Your website will always be online, load quickly, and act as your 24/7 sales assistant.

gutenberg blocks icon

Gutenberg Blocks

All of our WordPress websites use the new Block Editor (Gutenberg) for the best performance, flexibility, and ease of use. Because WordPress blocks are reusable UI components, they often reduce development time and cost.

sitefinity icon

Sitefinity Content Management System

Sitefinity is the second content management system we often use. Sitefinity is best used when a manufacturing business needs multi-site support, content personalization, marketing automation, and advanced content editing workflows. It runs securely on our Azure platform for the best uptime and security possible.

azure icon

Azure Cloud Hosting

Our secure Azure cloud-based hosting solution for your Sitefinity website proactively anticipates your company’s needs. Our Sitefinity Azure hosting solutions are custom built, delivering the perfect mixture of speed and resources allocation, ensure a positive user experience for your customers.

bootstrap icon

Bootstrap Framework

If your website is built in Sitefinity it will leverage the Bootstrap CSS Framework. Bootstrap will help reduce your development time and costs as it provides our developers and web designers with a complete toolset to build common UI components quickly and efficiently.

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We Are Your Lead Generation Focused Manufacturing Company Website Designers

Your manufacturing website is going to have challenges that most strictly B2C web designers aren’t capable of meeting. A brochure site might be fine for some small businesses, but you need a constant stream of fresh leads to feed your business.

We’ve built a lot of great manufacturing websites for clients, and understand what makes a manufacturing web design successful. Unlike startups or new small businesses, as a manufacturing company, you likely have a wealth of company history and experience that needs to be presented to position you as a global leader among your competitors.

We’ve found that leveraging our clients’ industry expertise in combination with smart, engaging lead-generation forms through a website produces the best business outcomes for companies just like yours.

web design team

Want to Work With the Best Manufacturing Website Design Company?

We help industrial and manufacturing companies looking to attract more B2B customers. Our clients rely on our industry expertise to create user-friendly, high-quality, and inspiring websites that drive sales.

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We Work With Clients In Every Location

We are a professional manufacturing web design company that works with national, regional, and local businesses. Whether you鈥檙e a national chain, or a small business, we can help you improve your website traffic, create a stunning web design, or integrate reservation and ordering systems.

pricing icon

Easy To Understand Pricing

There鈥檚 no one-size-fits-all price for manufacturing website projects because your needs are unique to your business. That said, we will provide a clear, easy to understand statement of work itemizing the individual work items, goals, and expectations for the project so that you know exactly what you鈥檙e paying for.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Manufacturing Website Design

    Does SEO Come With Your Manufacturing Website Design?

    Yes, we are search-first web designers meaning that SEO is always our first consideration after the visual styling and communication of your new manufacturing website. This includes things like title optimization, meta descriptions, page speed and web core vital optimization.

    What Design Elements Should Be On My Website?

    Manufacturing websites need strong calls to action and contact/quote forms to prioritize lead generation. It should feature complete information about the products and services you offer in a user-friendly way that helps promote a positive customer experience.

    Should Manufacturing Company Websites Have Blogs?

    Yes! A blog can act as the cornerstone of your company’s digital marketing efforts. The creation of additional content that your customers care about can help increase the reach and awareness of your business online. They can also give you a place to discuss your company’s history and what separates you from your competitors.

    What Is The Goal Of A Manufacturing Website?

    Your website’s main goal should always be to generate new leads and customers for your manufacturing business. Online engagement and form utilization are crucial to a successful manufacturing website’s design. Your website serves as a tool to further the main objectives of your company.

    What Content Should Be On My Manufacturing Website?

    Your content needs to show off your brand’s personality, have user-focused purpose and clarity, and be customer-centric to convert new visitors into leads. You should answer common questions your customers have about your products or services, and demonstrate how and why your company is different from your competitors.

    What Is Included In A Website Designed By You?

    We custom design and develop a fully-featured and functional website with a beautiful layout for your manufacturing company. It includes the 6 must-have features to make your new manufacturing website marketing enabled and effective for your business.